Solder station

Solder station

Solder station

Low voltage solder iron regulator. Based on Atmel’s AVR ATmega8.
Here you can get sources: solder_station_0.5

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  1. 21:25, 2010/04/10peteski  / Reply

    No matter what others say, I think it is still interesting and useful maybe necessary to improve some minor things

  2. 21:32, 2010/04/10ZmaTkar  / Reply

    What would you want me to improve ?
    I know, this page is not a step-by-step manual … and documentation is not very well :) But I am open to every question.

  3. 19:17, 2013/03/18brighidau  / Reply

    Very interesting design. I am looking for something like this. Can you please describe the functions ?

  4. 18:05, 2013/06/09ZmaTkar  / Reply

    It just has a compensation of ambient temperature, it is able to turn off when pen is in stand and timeout passes. That’s all.

  5. 06:41, 2018/04/21Ida Bagus Utta  / Reply

    Important Info, can i share it?

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