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Category Archives: Software

KtikZ patch of line highlighting

The KtikZ lacks option to change current line highlight color. This is anoying especially when dark theme is used. This patch solve this, it allows user to change line highlight color: linehighlight.patch Source code of KtikZ can be downloaded from

Eclipse and MSP430

Due to the fact that TI has still no support for the MSP430 Launchpad on Linux version of Code Composer Studio, I looked on the internet for a simple way how to get to work Launchpad on Linux. An excellent solution can be found at It works out-of-the-box, just make sure you have not […]

SimpleDSO is now on Sourceforge

I created the SimpleDSO project on sourceforge, it is possible to contribute to SimpleDSO source via Subversion. Project can be found at this link.

SimpleDSO version 0.3 for UNI-T DSOs

I finished some updates of SimpleDSO program. Support for range information was added – see screenshot below. Download is here. Zip file is exe for Windows, tar.gz file is pure python script usefull under Linux. Full support is available only for Linux !

Windows version of program for UNI-T DSO

Yesterday I finally compiled simpleDSO and dso_qt4 to exe files for simple use in windows. Download is available here.